Terms & Conditions

Note: Terms Of Service For Premium Section Of Leechpremium.link

We agree to offer many services to the user. We reserve the right to change or deactivate any service at any time without prior notice, or reduce its availability under certain circumstances. Changes may occur at any time without warning.
The user agrees that the service is designed and intended for personal use only. Only the user who physically owns the account is authorized to login and use the user account. The user agrees not to share the details of his account and/or password with other individuals. The user is responsible for maintaining confidentiality and security of his account and all activites that takes place on their account, or through it.
We may at anytime, terminate or suspend your account without any prior notice under certain circumstances. You Will be notified the reason for termination as well.
The user agrees that the generated premium links cannot be shared. The user is not allowed to post any links for another members, or post them elsewhere (including, but not limited to forums and blogs).
The user agrees to not use our service to download, including, but not limited to illegal and pirated contents. In fact, we only acts as your proxy, and we do not host or store any files on our servers. It is not possible for us to verify the contents being downloaded by our users. Leechpremium is in no way responsible for any actions of its users activites. The user agrees not to use our service to access files which, according to the law of their country of residence, present illegal content.
The User acknowledges that using this services to download or store digital files Such as children under pain Or Any kind of child pornography is Strictly Prohibited. If Any user break These Rules His/Her Account Will be suspended and information will be sent to the organizations and competent authorities: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), etc.
The User is responsible for its hosting and downloading, the content of information transmitted, disseminated or collected, their exploitation and updating, as well as all files and services included in the services.
We reserves the right, at any time and without explanation, to modify our Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these changes, you must stop using our service. Failing this, the continued use of the service will be deemed as acceptance of the new terms and conditions. Last Updated On (08-08-20)
The premium link generator service that we offer is not linked to any warranty. Our service has the policy of “Best Effort”. Which means that we will always try our best to offer an effecient, functional and trouble-free service. We reserve the right to remove or limit some hosters at any time.